School of Michigan

The state of michigan

●Dearborn, The state of michigan

●Public Institution

●I chose this college because of their athletic program they have an outstanding following in every sport.


Getting In

•SAT Critical Reading: 610 as well as 700

•SAT Math: 600 / 760

•SAT Producing: 620 as well as 720

•ACT Composite: twenty-eight / 32

•ACT English language: 28 as well as 34

•ACT Math: twenty eight / thirty four

•ACT Writing: - as well as -

•GPA: 3. 79

•41% of 39, 584 applicants were admitted

•Students Graduating

•Within 4 Years 72% college students graduated

Learn of Science in Athletic Training

•1. Promote specialist conduct in compliance with all the code of ethics set forth by the Countrywide Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA).

•2. Meet the educational competencies established by CAATE in the certain areas of: risk management and personal injury prevention, pathology of traumas and ailments, clinical assessment, acute proper care of injury and illness, pharmacology, therapeutic methods, therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise, general medical conditions and problems, nutritional areas of injury and illness, psychological intervention and referral, medical care administration, and professional expansion & responsibilities.

•3. Ensure that every single student has got the opportunity to work in a variety of clinical settings in order to gain a greater admiration for some with the traditional and non-traditional spots in which athletic training services are used.

•4. Offer the athletic training student challenging situations to put class theory to clinical practice in a closely watched manner.

•5. Expose the athletic training scholar to a number of allied health care professionals. Reloading...


•Athletic Training, students must have a minimum overall GRADE POINT AVERAGE of 2. 5 and a grade of " C-" or higher in all of the required programs like Mathematics and English language, and a " B-" or higher in most Athletic Online classes.


•Classes for athletic training not necessarily available online

•BA, is a bachelor in artistry degree...

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