J. ISSAAS Vol. 18, No . 1: 76-86 (2012)



Prudenciano U. Gordoncillo

College of Economics and Management, School of the Philippines Los Banos, College, Descuido, Philippines

(Received: October 19, 2011; Recognized April your five, 2012)


One of the major affluence to result rural creation in the Israel is the Extensive Agrarian Change Program, that has been instituted in 1988 and its rendering is extended until 2014. Using a panel data coming from a series of studies (1990, 2k, and 2006), the financial impacts with the Program had been evaluated. Using income, stated in real terms, because the main economic indicator, the analyses confirmed that there have been significant great changes to the economic well-being of the beneficiaries of the Program using the first difference between your intervention plus the control group. The initial difference was also significant across time or within the before and after the program comparison. However , the double difference strategy, which in contrast the control group prior to and the input group following revealed that the alterations in financial benefits had been no longer significant. One could argue that the changes within the economic attributes of the respondents are not always attributable to CARP as a great intervention. However , the Program must be given the advantage of the hesitation. Hence, you have the need to check out further refining analytical methods to isolate the effects of the intervention and to develop analytical tools based on a far more systematic analyze design. Further, the daily news also examined the effect of the program applying alternative symptoms, such as the value of assets as well as degree of expenditures. The results did not deviate through the findings with income because the main indication, which show that these alternative indicators can even be explored in similar studies.

Key words: effects evaluation, dual difference analysis, panel info analysis, qualitative response types, rural creation


Reacting to the peasants' demand for fair access to terrain, which is the primary productive useful resource in the countryside areas of the country, the Philippine constitution enshrined that the authorities shall carry out an provincial reform software founded inside the right of farmers and regular farmville farm workers who also are landless to own directly or collectively the countries they till, or, in the matter of farm workers, to receive a just talk about of the fruits (Article XIII, Section 4). This purpose was operationalized by the rendering of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) under the legal framework of Republic Work 6657. CARP was designed not just in mitigate social unrest through redistribution of land although also to improve household incomes and enhance rural expansion through the dotacion of support services such since credit, ability building, country infrastructures, technology promotions and agribusiness expansion.

Most of the research done so much in the economic assessment of CARP were focused on income and lower income and are restricted to the comparative analysis across time or between beneficiaries of the program vis-Г -vis the non-beneficiaries. This conventional paper introduced additional economic variables like resources and expenses as well as supplied an extended the methodological method to double big difference models.

seventy six

The economic effects of the great agrarian change program…. CARP Scope and Components

CARP covers alienable and disposable lands with the public domain dedicated to or well suited for agriculture, lands of the public domain in excess to the specific limits, lands owned by the Government devoted to or suitable for culture; and private lands devoted to or perhaps suitable for agriculture regardless of the tenurial arrangements and agricultural vegetation raised or that can be brought up. The operationalization of CARP's vision to advertise an equitable society and a intensifying countryside was...

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