Application Letter

 Application Notification Research Newspaper

a hunread forty two TRAINING CENTRE


High Trip Aviation

922 Aviation Place

Topeka, KS 76176




Kansas City, Air travel Standards Section Office

10100 Air Port Blvd, Suite 200

Kansas City, KS 78216-4118


Please accept this notification as the formal application letter to apply for an FAA Part a hunread forty two training center certificated underneath the provisions of TitleВ 14 with the Code of Federal Restrictions. Based on each of our preliminary discussions with your workplace we are forwarding this formal application page and the connected attachments to your review and consideration. Since outlined in our schedule of events our company is planning to start operations about or about (mm/dd/yr).

Each of our primary business location is usually 922 Flying Place, Topeka, KS, 76175. Our principle training middle will be located at 4444В Aviation Lane, Topeka International Airport, Topeka, KS, 76175. In addition , we now have contracted with XYZ Air travel at 5333 Altitude Street, Denver CO, 80216 and plan to run a satellite television center in which location. Schooling records for any operations will probably be maintained at our main training centre in Topeka, KS.

We all propose to supply initial recognition and repeated training in the CRJ-700, applying LevelВ C andВ D flight simulators and an amount 6 FTD. Our Topeka, KS facility is equipped with an amount D full flight simulator and an amount 6 FTD. The Denver colorado satellite center is equipped with a good C sim. (See Add-on 4).

Make sure you refer to the enclosed list of attachments pertaining to complete specifics and technological specifications of the proposed procedure.

Attachment 1 . Management Staff and Maintains

Attachment installment payments on your Organizational Composition and Position/Job descriptions Attachment 3. Quality Control Methods

Attachment 4. Training Services (Physical Herb Descriptions) Attachment 5. Facility and Sim Contractual Deals Attachment 6. AFTDs, Simulators, Including Requirements and Requirements Attachment several. Simulator Inoperative Component Guide (MEL in the event aircraft teaching is to be accomplished) Attachment almost eight. Initial Cadre' Instructor and TCE List and Requirements Attachment on the lookout for. Proposed training curriculum and Curriculums

Attachment twelve. Supporting Courseware and Hardware Listings Accessory 11. Recommended Record Keeping System

Accessory 12. Complying Statement

In the event you require any additional information and have absolutely questions concerning our pitch, please don't wait to give me or my own office a call.


Mr. Robert Smith, President



Note: the applicant's formal application need to minimally range from the information required by component 142 section 142. eleven. The accessories shown through this sample suppose the listed documents incorporate that data. SAMPLE FORMAL APPLICATION LETTER(Continued



TOPEKA, KS 76176


Formal program dated (mm/dd/year) attachments:

Add-on 1 . Supervision Personnel and Resumes. (142. 11 & 142. 13)

The applicant must provide sufficient depth to enable the CHDO/TCPM in order that the minimum qualification requirements for each management situation are fulfilled or surpass. (142. 14 & 142. 13)


7 Add-on 2 . Organizational Structure and Position/Job information. (142. 14 & a hunread forty two. 13)

This information is a critical component of the proposed procedure and is necessary to evaluate the proposed operations supervision structure as it relates to all their overall capability to comply with the intent of 142. eleven & 142. 13.

Add-on 3. Top quality Control Types of procedures. (142. 11)

Notice eight thousand. 355 Appendix 6, site 52 details the basic components required to agree to the applicant's quality system. The applicant must explain the methods that they intend to use in their interior evaluation procedures, with respect to features, equipment, and qualifications of personnel. Schooling curriculums should be...



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