Postmodernism Dissertation

Hadley 1

Daniel James Hadley

DR2004 Postmodern Drama

Dr . Gabriella Calchi-Novati

Michaelmas Term 2012


Title: The consequences and outward exhibition of Postmodern theory around the Visual and Performing Arts, with particular reference to the theories of Jean-François Lyotard, Jean Baudrillard and Fredric Jameson.

Postmodernism is the " state, condition, or period subsequent to what is modern” and inside art it manifests on its own as any from the " styles, concepts or points of view involving a conscious starting from modernism. ” you Therefore from a stylistic approach, Postmodernism can be defined as the gathering of critical ideas and essential concepts which jointly define this. The more of such particular suggestions and concepts the work of art consists of, the more Postmodern it becomes. However , there are many diverging views on what Postmodernism ought to be characterised by simply and therefore this stylistic approach to Postmodernism is because of both traditional and theoretical approaches. Three theorist I think most important happen to be Jean-François Lyotard, Jean Baudrillard and Fredric Jameson, and so in order to protect clarity I use structured this essay in three parts, one for each theorist with examples to adjust to the theory. This kind of essay will not likely attempt to establish the umbrella term " Postmodernism; ” but it is going to analyse the effects as well as the outward exhibition of Postmodern theory within the Visual and Performing Disciplines. The initial complication found is that a work of fine art may hide a plurality of ideas behind it, however this does not present a problem while plurality and eclecticism themselves are characteristics of Postmodernism. a couple of The first work analysed is Peter Handke's Kaspar in relation to Lyotard theories with regards to Ludwig Wittgenstein. These three have however to 1 OED Online, Sept. 2010 2012, Oxford University Press, " postmodernism, n. ", (accessed November twenty nine 2012). 2 Walter Anderson, " Launch: What's Going on Right here, ” The Fontana Postmodernism Reader, education Walter Truett Anderson (London: Fontana Press, 1996): 2 .

Hadley a couple of

be discussed together in critical theory, but I shall clarify why I use assembled all of them together. Jean-François Lyotard, main theorists and philosophers to really write about the Postmodern State, was considering analysing the actual condition of knowledge. Lyotard examined the 'metanarrative' and what it represents within a postmodern community. A metanarrative is " a classic textual content or additional archetypal account, which provides a schematic community view where an individual's experience and perceptions may be bought. ”3 Ludwig Wittgenstein, a philosopher whom specialised in language, discussions of " language online games. ”4 These types of language game titles are a pair of " guidelines specifying [utterances'] properties and the uses that they can be set. ” a few Peter Hanke, a German born playwright, treads in Wittgenstein's footsteps when he is also captivated by dialect and the manner in which it relates to our actuality of the world. Jean-François Lyotard indexed on Wittgenstein's theories and added a Postmodern perspective to it. The metanarratives which Lyotard talks about happen to be those which govern the way we live existence, the honnete we live by, the identity which can be created from these people for example the " Christian faith based story of God's will certainly being figured out on Earth. ” 6 However , Lyotard agues that these metanarratives no longer apply anymore as we no longer totally believe in all of them. In this postmodern era, it is a " moments of 'incredulity toward metanarratives' -- all of them. ”7 Therefore our lives are now ruled by a group of smaller narratives which build what we trust in and whatever we don't. To apply this to Peter Handke's Kaspar, the playwright has taken together this kind of pluralism and eclecticism of language towards the text which in turn governs the smoothness of Kaspar. We furthermore note that there is absolutely no grandnarrative, zero master-narrative, neither...

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