Natural Tendency

 Natural Trends Essay

Natural Phenomena


Describe how virtually any three normal phenomena

impact/have impacted Carribbean Social and

Economic life in the past and present Caribbean.

п‚ґ Tendency chosen:

 Hurricane

 Earthquake

 Volcano


Natural Tendency: An event developing which is not man-made; it is of nature


Examples include:

п‚ґ Sunrise

п‚ґ Weather (Hurricanes, Earthquakes, etc . )

п‚ґ Biological Procedures (germination, decomposition, etc . )


Various types of natural trends exists which can include: п‚ґ GeologicalВ phenomena

п‚ґ MeteorologicalВ phenomena

п‚ґ Oceanographic tendency


п‚ґ A typhoon is a tropical storm with winds which that

reached a continuing speed of 119km/hr.

п‚ґ Hurricane gusts of wind blow in large get out of hand motions in regards to

relatively quiet centre referred to as " the eye”.

п‚ґ As a hurricane nears property fall, it might bring torrential

rain, high winds and storm spikes along with heavy

rains that results in flooding and land 35mm slides.

Caribbean Countries Impacted

simply by Hurricanes: 1988 -2004

 Antigua & Barbuda, English Virgin Island destinations, Dominica, Montserrat  Storm Hugo 1989

 Iris/Marilyn/Luis 1995

п‚ґ Bahamas

 Hurricane Toby 1992


Saint Lucia

 Tropical Storm Debby year 1994

п‚ґ Antigua and Barbuda Dominica, St Kitts-Nevis

 Hurricane Georges 1998

п‚ґ Belize

 Hurricane Keith 2000 and 2001

п‚ґ Jamaica

 Hurricane Gilbert 1988

 Hurricane Ivan 2004

Sociable and Economical Impacts

of Hurricanes inside the Caribbean







Water damage

 That obstructs advancement as a overflow stricken region MUST be renewed before any more development will take place

 The damage done is on a great range that results in lack of production for businesses and trade

 Trauma can often be inflicted about persons

 Adverse influence on health as infectious conditions and viruses may happen as well as foodstuff poisoning.

 No electricity

Storm Spike: strong wind gusts that force the water on the coast; suction created by the

storms low pressure

 Loss of lives from too much water

 Properties and highways destroyed along coasts

п‚ґ Winds: gusts of wind are responsible for most of the strength damage carried out during hurricanes

Social and Economic Influences

of Hurricanes in the Carribbean

(cont'd. )


Landslide: the moving down of great masses of globe or ordinary which is usually fabricated by simply

heavy rain fall

 Loss of life



 Home damages

 Adverse effects on resources such as: water materials, fisheries and sewage removal, etc .

 Increased costs to repair:







Set ups

Loss of real estate value

Dysfunction of vehicles routes

Medical costs in the events of injury

Roundabout costs including lost wood and lost fish stocks and shares

Water availability, quantity and quality can be affected by landslides.


п‚ґ An earthquake is a shaking of the ground caused by the sudden disregarding and movement of large parts of the earth's rocky outermost crust

п‚ґ It takes place at Change Margins wherever one menu slides underneath the other creating a vibration

Earthquake Impacted

Carribbean Territories

п‚ґ Jamaica

 June several, 1692 & January 16, 1907

п‚ґ Eastern Carribbean (including: St Maarten, Dominica, Antigua, Guadeloupe)

 February 8, 1843

п‚ґ Dominican Republic

 1946 ( said to be the largest recorded earthquake in the Caribbean)

п‚ґ St Kitts to Trinidad & Tobago place

 Oct 8, 1974

п‚ґ Southern Caribbean

 Between Apr – September 1997; a lot of recorded date ranges were Apr 2 nd and twenty second

п‚ґ Haiti

 January 12, 2010

Earthquake Afflicted

Caribbean Territories (cont'd. )

В· 06 7, 1692 - Jamaica (Fatalities a couple of, 000)В

В· May a couple of, 1787 - Puerto Rico - Magnitude 8. 0В

В· February 8, 1843 - Leeward Islands -- Magnitude 8. 3 (Fatalities 5, 000)В В· November 18, 1867 - Muelle Rico RegionВ

В· January 14, 1907 - Kingston, Jamaica - Magnitude 6th. 5 (Fatalities 1, 000)В В· Oct 11, 1918 - Cogorza Passage -- Magnitude six. 5 (Fatalities 116)В В· August four, 1946 - Samana, Dominican...

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