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Letters via

Sri Ramanasramam

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Letters from and Recollections of

Sri Ramanasramam

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Translated by

D. S i9000. SASTRI

Sri Ramanasramam



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2006 — 2k copies

(Letters from and Recollections

of Sri Ramanasramam included)

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During the concluding years of Sri Ramana Maharshi's

bodily existence, his silent radiance and incomparable

teachings attracted 1000 of seekers to his Ashram in

South India. Suri Nagamma was the selected instrument to

cast the immortal sayings of this illumined, divine individuality onto conventional paper and to color an exquisite photo of a Rishi's life nowadays.

She do this by means of 273 albhabets to her brother,

Sri M. S. Sastri, who converted them from Telugu intended for the

good thing about the English-reading public. They cover the past

five years of the Master's earthly your life, and are of particular significance because these people were shown to Bhagavan prior to

becoming mailed. There is not any other book from this period that

catches so well the enlightened persona and deep

sayings in the Master. These recordings will surely guide seekers for countless generations.

100 and thirty-five letters were translated

in to English and first released as Amount I in 1962.

An additional 106 albhabets were added to this and printed in

70. In this 2006 edition of Letters via Sri Ramanasramam, we have included an additional thirty-one letters that have been

published by the Ashram 33 years ago, under the subject, L etters

from and Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam. The twenty-eight ‘Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam' from this book have

TAKE NOTE: Volume 2 was published in 1969. Both the amounts were mixed and posted as a sole volume for the first time in 1970. With this edition, M etters By and Recollections of Sri Ramansramam have already been added.


also been added at the end on this volume, providing a

complete collection of Suri Nagamma's remarkable

explanation of the days she put in at the toes of the Learn. Another book written by Suri Nagamma and published

by the Ashram since My Life by Sri Ramanasramam is mostly

autobiographical and will undoubtedly be of interest to the

sincere audience.






SRI RAMANASRAMAM iis a remarkable institution. Their

inmates are generally not given clear solutions as to what they will

should do or perhaps should not perform; they are left to fend for

themselves and to absorb whatever they will from the calm

and peaceful atmosphere with the Ashram.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi preached silence simply by

observing that himself. With the sun with the lark and at sun every day, Vedic hymns were recited in his presence ending with " Nakarmana

naprajaya dhanena thyagenaike amrutatvamanasuh, ” which means that moksha (deliverance) can be attained, not really by karma (action) or praja (family) or dhana (wealth), yet by renouncing every one of them. Ashramites aspiring for spiritual advancement had been

thus taught to learn and practice Self-enquiry and

renunciation. They seated in silence in the holy toes of

Bhagavan, imbibing the teachings of stop. Bhagavan chatted

occasionally for the Ashramites as well as casual guests on religious matters. On such events, a few supporters recorded what ever he talked; and amongst them, Nagamma was a single.

Nagamma acquired no college education well worth mention and

does not find out any terminology other than her mother tongue,

Telugu. During her early years, owing to domestic...

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