It 300

 It 300 Essay

Answers to Pause/Break Section Review Concerns

Section 2 . 1 Assessment Questions

1 . What is the between an actual marketplace and an e-marketplace (marketspace)?

A marketspace is an electronic industry. While classic marketplaces happen to be constrained by way of a physical spots, marketspaces use technology to remove this limitation (by staying online).

2 . List the constituents of a marketspace.

A marketspace consists of the next components: buyers, sellers, merchandise, infrastructure, a front end, a back end, intermediaries/business partners and support services.

3. Determine a digital product and provide five examples.

Digital products are merchandise that can be transformed to digital formats and delivered online. Examples of cameras would consist of e-books, computer software, graphics, video tutorials and electric documentation.

Section 2 . 2 Review Inquiries

1 . Describe electronic storefronts and e-malls.

An electronic local store is a one company's Website where products are sold. An electronic mall can be an online shopping center where various stores are situated.

2 . List the various types of retailers and e-malls.

There are several several types of stores and malls including: general stores/malls, specialized stores/malls, regional or perhaps global shops and natural online shops or click-and-mortar stores.

three or more. Differentiate between private and public e-marketplaces.

Private marketspaces are generally held by a single firm, whereas public marketspaces are generally owned and maintained by impartial third parties. Public marketspaces are known as exchanges.

4. What are information sites? List the types.

Data portals are single, personalized online points of access to business information in a organization. They include: business, corporate, publishing, personal, portable, and voice portals.

5. Describe agent-based e-marketplaces.

Real estate agents are software applications that can help study and recommend purchases based on user qualities.

Section installment payments on your 3 Review Questions

1 ) Describe the transaction method between a seller as well as customers and suppliers.

The procedure begins with preshopping actions and proves with post shopping actions. In between the user enters an e-shop, navigates and searches, investigates products and makes purchases.

2 . List the tasks of intermediaries in e-markets.

Intermediaries is able to do the following functions: reduce search costs, enhance or make privacy, present more complete information, reduce contract risk, and reduce costs inefficiencies.

a few. Describe e-distributors.

An online e-distributor is an intermediary that connects suppliers with customers by aggregating multiple suppliers' product catalogs in a single position.

4. Exactly what disintermediation and reintermediation?

Disintermediation is the eradication of intermediaries between retailers and potential buyers. Reintermediation is a establishment of new intermediary tasks for classic intermediaries that have been disintermediated.

5. Describe the purchasing method.

The purchasing process could be based on fixed, dynamic or perhaps auction prices and consists of the discussion between the site, the shoppers search and info gathering as well as the final peruse.

Section installment payments on your 4 Review Questions

1 ) List the dimensions in which electronic catalogs can be classified.

Electronic catalogues can be classified by the characteristics of the details presented, the level of customization and their integration with business procedures.

2 . List the benefits of digital catalogs.

On the web catalogs have got several positive aspects as seen in Exhibit 2 . 7. Some of these advantages include: the ease of updating product information, improved search and comparability capabilities, ease of customization, as well as some other benefits.

3. Make clear how personalized catalogs are set up and applied.

Customized catalogues take information from existing...

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