The right way to Be a Cultural Wellness Person

Social Wellbeing

Presented by: Sue Anderson, MS Jennifer Hung, Psy. D.

How We'll Dedicate Our Period Together

Defining sociable wellness Marriage between interpersonal wellness and overall health 4 strategies for enhancing social health and fitness

Offer you an opportunity to become social

Understanding Social Wellbeing

One's capability to interact with people around them.

That involves: very good communication expertise having important relationships respecting yourself and more creating a support system

Lack of Social Well being and Your Health

Psychological results

Impact of loneliness

Biological effects

Increased susceptibility to illness Higher cholesterol amounts

Increased Cultural Wellness and Your Health

Psychological effects

Produces a good disposition Enhanced self-pride Handle tension better

Natural effects

Fewer cavities Fewer colds

Approaches for improving cultural wellness

Healthy Relationships Community involvement Interdependency Accept variety

What is a healthful relationship?


You have to spend your entire waking moments with your partner. You must acknowledge everything. You must have same affinity for everything. You have to always set him/her demands before your self. You cannot include negative emotions toward your partner ever.

Healthful vs . Unhealthy Relationships

Healthy and balanced relationships Awful relationships

Tips to a healthy romance

Have reasonable expectations.

Your companion will not be everything you want him/her being. Acceptance is very important.


Take the time to listen to the other person. Don't disrupt or think about what you want to say before the different person surface finishes the sentence in your essay. Be fully present! Discuss even not comfortable topics such as sexual restrictions ( You may have a right to express " no” to love-making if you are not really ready! )

Tips to a proper Relationship


Ask questions Discuss information about yourself as well.

Become flexible!

Associations change and evolve after some time.

Take care of...

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