Community Administration


NEWSPAPER – I actually


Administrative Theory

1 ) Meaning, Scope and Value of Public Administration, Open public and Private government, Wilson's eye-sight of Open public administrations, Development of the willpower and its present status.

installment payments on your New Community Administration notion of New Open public Management, Great Governance, Principle and application, Ethics and


several. Scientific Administration - (Taylor and the Medical management movement) Classical Theory (Fayol, Urwick, Gulick and others) Bureaucrative Theory (Marxist view, Weber's model as well as

critique) Post Weberian innovations.

4. Behavioural approach to Organizational Analysis, Participative Management (Mc Gregor, Likert and Others) The Devices

Approach, Open up and Closed systems, Strength Functional

Strategy and Marxist Approach.

five. Hierarcy, Span of Control, Unity of command, Collection and Staff agencies.

six. Formal and Informal Organization, Centralization and

Decentralization, Departments, Boards and Commissions, Public Corporation and Independent Regulating Commission.

several. Decision making theory with particular reference to Herbett Simon, Hypotheses of Command, Communication, Comfort, Motivation

(Maslow and Herzberg).

8. Principles of Liability and Control, Legislative Executive and Legislativo control over Supervision.

9. Citizen and Administration, People's involvement, Right to Details Act 2005, Administrative Data corruption, Machinery intended for redressal of Citizen's issues, Citizens Hire.

10. Meaning and significance of Assigned Legislation, Types, advantages, constraints, Safeguards, Management Tribunals, Llimitations and Techniques of ensuring efficiency.


1 . Meaning of Administrative Reforms. Process and obstacles

Tactics of administrative reforms, Um & Meters, Information

technology (I. T. ).

2 . Management-meaning, Nature and value, Tasks of

management, POSDCORB. M. W. O. Tools of management and

Test of Good Management.

3. Which means, nature and scope of Comparative Community Administrtion, Bureaucracy and Ecology.

4. Beginning and purpose of Development Supervision, Rigg's

Prasmatic - Sala model, Paperwork and Advancement,

Changing account of Creation Administration.

a few. Concepts of Leadership, Power and Effect, Chief Executive as well as role in Organisation. Notion of Bureaucracy, Weberian model as well as its relevance, Recruitment, Training, Promotion,

Employer -- Employee associations.

6. Grievances redressal device, Integrity and Code of Conduct, Intermediaire, Lokpal and Lokayukta, Central Vigilance

Commission payment.

7. Relevance of Plan making in public places Administration, Process of Policy ingredients, Problems of implementation, Feedback and Analysis.

8. Strategy and significance of Financial Government, Budget procedure and its position, Performance budgeting, Zero centered Budget, Public debt.

9. Legislative Control - Open public Account Panel., Estimate Panel, Public Starting Committee, Review and Accounts, Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

10. Position of Personal computers in Public Operations, E governance. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (CODE NO . 18)



Central, State and Local Administration India

1 . Evolution of American indian Administration, Kautilya, Mughal period and British Legacy.

installment payments on your Indian Metabolic rate, Development, Preamble and Main

Characteristics, Parliamentary Democracy, Federal government System and Centre - State Contact.

3. The President, Perfect Minister, Authorities of Ministers, Cabinet as well as its Committees, L. M. U. Central Secretariat, Ministries and


some. Advisory Bodies, Boards and Commission, Nationwide Human

Rights Commission, UPSC, National Ladies Commission,

Election Commission and Finance Commission payment.

5. Management Reforms, Reconstructs since independence, Reports from the Administrative reconstructs Commissions, Problems of their


6. Machinery of Organizing, Composition and role, Organizing

Commission, Role of the Nationwide Development...

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