‘Debate Whether Galtung and Ruge's (1967) Model of the News Benefit Is Still Relevant in an Associated with New Media, Citizen Journalism and User-created Content. '

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The media in Western culture provides a ‘fourth estate' that alleges a neutral, aim and well-balanced perspective, 3rd party of personal input. This news forms the basis of this ‘fourth estate', playing an important part in to get public informed and therefore endorsing democracy (Marris and Thornham, 1996).

Daily there are countless possible news headlines that, only a little sample will be published (Harcup and O'Neill, 2001). Press appear to have an unvoiced system of recommendations or media values passed down through education as well as sector experience, which help them to decipher the newsworthiness of a history. It is these news values, which Galtung and Ruge attempted to recognize in their 1967 study. Galtung and Ruge suggested in their key hypothesis that the more news principles that are followed, the more likely a story is to be released (Reinemann and Schulz, 2006).

Walter Lippman first released the concept of the ‘news value' in 1922. Lippman aimed at news elements such as if the story involved ‘influential corporations, dramatic enhance of damage, or a breach of order for example a strike or perhaps lockout. '(Kepplinger and Ehmig, 2006). Since would be expected research in news values has progressed immensely due to the fact that this period, yet , despite contemporary research having been undertaken, it truly is ‘Galtung and Ruge's conventional paper, which has long been regarded as a ‘landmark' research of news beliefs and reports selection. '(Watson, 1998 cited in Harcup and O'Neill, 2001).

News values can be explained as " …‘journalists' hypotheses regarding the relevance of events" (Schulz, 1976 cited in Reinemann and Schulz, 2006). In a rapidly evolving and competitive industry, it is vital pertaining to journalists to interpret what that is relevant, interesting and appropriate for their readership.

Modern day research means that ‘the Net has improved journalistic norms and principles as well as community expectations in terms of news content. '(Kovarick, 2002 cited in Yun ain al, 2007). Therefore , it is important to consider if Galtung and Ruge's ‘landmark study' is still relevant in a digital era of recent media, citizen journalism and user-generated articles.

The a dozen news ideals (See AX p. 10) proposed simply by Galtung and Ruge (1967) define conditions of news value with the last four principles relating specifically for the American Media. The research can be criticised methodologically because the sample of texts was limited simply to the study of international news. Therefore , arguably it cannot be generalised to various other cultures - an important top quality for interpersonal research in today's multi-cultural world. However , Reinemann and Schulz (2006) discovered this not to be the case after their very own analysis of ‘news values' in Philippine newspapers. Their particular study figured even within a non-western culture such as South america, the ‘news values' style is still relevant including ‘the hypothesis of selection' that has been ‘able to predict the choice process. '

The research is limited demographically in terms of the researchers themselves, as Galtung and Ruge were two ‘white-middle classed men'. Consequently , experimenter prejudice is an issue as both researchers had been likely to possess mad identical ideologies. It can be through unichip that press have bought their expertise and it ought to be questioned whether or not their values on precisely what is deemed important and precisely what is labelled ‘soft' is relevant for the generations in the twenty-first 100 years, which include multi-race, multi-gender and multi-classed residents (Coote, 81, cited in Hartley, 1982).

In terms of its' historical context, Galtung and Ruge's research could be regarded by a few to be old, particularly ‘within the circumstance of more and more multi-media surroundings. '(Harcup and O'Neill, 2001). However , because McQuail (1994, cited in Harcup and O'Neill, 2001) states, ‘More...

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