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 dc inverter Essay


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DC-AC inverter is a gadget that converts a direct current (DC) in an active current (AC). When there is no AC main power for applications in caravans, remote location and etc., this tool is very appropriate to use. That mainly converts a DC source (such a car's battery) to the AC resource (230V) to use for power application like laptop, TV SET and so on. Initial it changes a DC voltage to the AC ac electricity then it boosts up the AIR CONDITIONING UNIT voltage to mains ac electricity level with a transformer. In this laboratory research, an CMOS IC had been used to function as 50 Hz oscillator, together with the necessary transistors, resistors, capacitors and a transformer to create a 230V AC source from a 12V DC. The design process was taken throughout the several measures of measurements, computer ruse and confirmation. The routine design was simulated by Multisim software program. The effects of signal were analyzed during simulation and put together circuit in real time. One of fact that has to be considered is energy consumption. Through this circuit a CMOS IC has been utilized which has really low consumption. The right dc to ac inverter is the anybody can produce a ideal sin trend. Since it is definitely complicated, in this article a simple routine that create a square trend is used.


The routine diagram illustrated in determine (1a) is known as a DC to AC inverter drawn in Multisim program. The CMOS IC in this plan produces a 55 Hz square wave for application work with. Figure (1a) Circuit picture.

By offering a 12V DC resource to the routine, a 230V AC was achieved and output signal measured by simply an oscilloscope as displayed in Determine 1b.

Figure (1b). Input and output signals.

Since figure (1b) shows the input sign is in crimson colour (12V DC) and output is at yellow (230V AC).


The outlet consists of 3 main parts: A) Oscillator, B) Rider Transistors and C) Transformer which illustrated in determine 2 .

Physique 2 . Routine diagram.

A) Oscillator

An oscillator is a system that produces a repetitive sign like a square wave or possibly a sine say and is utilized widely in electronic field. It can be constructed in several methods depending on features like generating radio wave, tone generator, clock signal and so on. In this circuit a CMOS IC (4069UB since shown in figure 2a) is used to generate a square say which is comparable to sin wave. This IC can run over a wide voltage selection (3V to 15V) and the frequency range of 1Hz to15MHz. Also it uses very low power and it is steady.

Determine 2a. (Ref: http://doc.chipfind.ru/nsc/4069ub.htm)

The key oscillator is made by using 2 inverter entrances (U1F and U1E) plus resistors and one capacitor as demonstrated in physique 2a. This produces a sq . wave.

Determine 2b. Oscillator diagram. By using the logic inverter, the anti-phase signal is made. The unused gates (U1C & U1D) are grounded to avoid awful influence. The output of oscillator which is a sq wave attached to U1A door then U1B. In this case since figure 2b shows there are two outputs. Once the result A is usually logic one particular then the output B will be logic zero and vice versa. Therefore , they will create positive and negative pluses with combination of transistors and transformer which can be utilized to simulate a sin say for last stage. The frequency from the oscillator computes by following equation: f sama dengan 1/(2. two x L x C)* which L = R2 + VR1 and C = C1

*: (Ref: gc. digitw. com/Circuit/WaveGens. pdf)

Since the pieces are not appropriate, a potentiometer is used to create an exact 40 Hz regularity. The result of changing value from the capacitor and potentiometer are illustrated in below table:...

References: 1 .: http://doc.chipfind.ru/nsc/4069ub.htm

2 . gc. digitw. com/Circuit/WaveGens. pdf file

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