CB Features Of A Receptor 3


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Aim: To plot the input and output attributes of an NPN transistor in keeping base construction and determine various parameters.

Components and Equipments Required: Transistor, voltmeters, ammeters, rheostats, dc resources, breadboard and CRO.

Theory: In CB configuration, the base of a receptor is common to input and output brake lines. Input volts is used between emitter and foundation and result is used across extractor and base. CB configuration is also known as grounded foundation configuration. In this setup, a rise in emitter current causes a rise in collector current. Collector current is given by the expression IC = I E в€’ I N. Since IB is in the buy of microamperes, collector current is almost identical to the emitter current despite the variants in the collector base passageway. Another important phrase for a CB transistor configuration is


, where


is the current flowing through the

collector outlet when the enthusiast base verse is change biased and emitter base junction can be open circuited. Transistor gives a low suggestions resistance and very high end result impedance launched in CB configuration. It offers almost unanimity current gain and high voltage gain.

Powerful input level of resistance: Input features are plotted between the emitter current

I E and

emitter to base voltage VEB for a constant benefit of collector to basic voltage VCB. The testing of the slope of the curves gives the worth of dynamic input amount of resistance ri and is also given by the expression

ri sama dengan ∆VEB as well as ∆I At the

keeping VCB constant.

Powerful output level of resistance: Output attributes are drawn between the collector current

IC and

extractor to base voltage


for a constant value of emitter current IE. The dynamic end result resistance can be obtained from these curves which is given by the expression ro sama dengan ∆VCB as well as ∆IC keeping IE frequent.

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