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Info Tech, Inc. is a small but developing company began by Rob Styles. Data Tech is a business that transfers hard copies of documents, including invoices, expenses, or e-mail lists, onto Cd albums. As more companies move to a paperless environment, inserting data upon

CDs is the wave of the future. Jeff got started the business in his two-car garage 36 months earlier getting the necessary application and placing your signature to two large corporations while his initially customers. Right now he was planning to sign on two additional corporate and business

customers. Suddenly what was a small garage procedure was

evolving into a major business.

The Business

The operations function of Data Technology seems deceptively simple. Daily Data Technology receives plans of postal mail from business customers made up of documents they want transferred to disc. Data Technology usually will get anywhere from 15, 000 to 30, 1000

pieces of email per day that need to be processed. The first step requires workers to unpack and sort the mail received. Next, staff scan every single item through one of two deciphering machines

that transfer happy to disc. A great accuracy examine is then built to ensure that info was moved correctly. This kind of stage is very important as lots of the documents contain important personal information. Finally, the discs as well as the documents

happen to be packaged and sent back to the customer, with Data

Tech keeping a backup disc for its records.

The Need for Capacity and Relocation

Managing a full-time business out of his two-car garage is challenging for Jeff Styles. Shaun has spent a great deal of time ensuring that the operation of Data Tech runs smoothly with no bottlenecks. He has been good, and his two original customers

have just agreed upon long-term contracts with him. In addition , this individual has obtained two additional customers. Therefore Data

Technical needs to go on to a larger facility that could cater to the larger size of the business.

Jeff has concentrated his search to three potential locations. This individual has identified the factors that are vital that you him and rated each location taking into consideration a number of requirements. Some elements are especially crucial, such as distance to the nota service that delivers the daily deals. Another is closeness towards the airport, as Jeff often travels to customer locations.

A factor that may be particularly troubling for Shaun is the concern of ability. Two of the locations he is considering will be larger than he currently needs and offer extra growth potential. The third location would fulfill current capability needs but would not provide ample space for growth. He doesn't know the industry better approach. In his set of factor weight load Jeff has made spaces to get both capacity options, giving himself a while to think about the issues.

To Expand Large or perhaps Small

Rob is unsure how to evaluate whether he will need to focus on

entering into a larger facility now or perhaps moving into a smaller facility with potential for growth. He provides estimated this chances pertaining to demand:

• The likelihood of demand being high is 0. 70.

• The likelihood of demand being low is 0. 30.

He also predicted profitability for every alternative:

• Moving into a big facility provides a profitability of either $1, 000, 000 or $600, 000, according to whether require

turns out to be large or low.

• Moving into a small center has a earnings of $500, 000, let's assume that demand is definitely low.

• Moving into a small facility will require looking at expanding in the event that demand switched high. In the event that Data Tech decided to increase

at that point, profitability would be $800, 000. Whether it did

not really expand further more, the profitability can be $500, 500.

Case Inquiries

1 . Help Jeff make a decision whether he should provide greater priority to a smaller sized facility with possibility intended for expansion or perhaps move into a greater facility right away. Decide on which can be the best alternative and select weights for the two potential factors depending on

your results.

2 . Once you have selected the factors pertaining to the two potential alternatives,...

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