1 . 10 the truly amazing Gatsby

Part I:

Persona Behavior Effects

The writer Gatsby

Self absorbedHe's let down when ever all of his action may give him the results he wants. Daisy Buchanan

Careless, selfishShe gets the attention she attempts and the sense of guilt becomes too much; especially when the tables change and the lady finds out Tom is cheating. Tom Buchanan Firm, barbaricHe loses his mistress and his wife begins to have an affair. Jordan Baker Self-centered, dishonestNick leaves her forever. Myrtle Wilson

Distant to George and annoying with TomShe seems to lose her existence in a vehicle accident and ultimately ends up hurting George and Mary. George Wilson

JealousyHis wife since an affair, he gets rid of Gatsby sometime later it was takes his own lifestyle all following losing his wife.

Portion II:

1 . The American dream is definitely the common desire to be successful. Every American desires to make lots of money with a large paying task, and all the luxuries of obtaining money.

installment payments on your The multimedia advertisement, incomes, and world match my definition mainly because students and adults work as hard as they can get in to the best educational institutions, the best spending jobs, and the amusement of having cash.


Elements That Make Up The author Gatsby's American Dream What is Wrong With Gatsby's Idea of the Dream or The Approach He Attempts to Attain It 1 . LyingHe shouldn't sit to obtain what this individual wants.

2 . Being richHe didn't help it.

three or more. Woman of his dreamsShe only would like him for the money

4. His house, car, and servantsOnly to make him look good

five. Fake friendsUse him for his residence and funds.

4. Life shouldn't be exactly about buying happiness. If Daisy wanted to be with him a great he had actual friends it should be because of his personality due to his good fortune.

5. " I see given that this has been a tale of the West, after all-Tom and Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan and i also, were every Westerners, and perhaps we owned some deficiency in common which usually made us subtly incompatible to Asian life. "

Part 3:

" I discovered out what their ‘drug stores' were....

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