What is Procedural Realms?

Procedural Realms is a free to play text based MMORPG playable directly in your web browser.

Come enjoy a casual gaming experience that includes turn based combat, crafting, base building and exploration.

Join other players in discovering and defeating hordes of text, find powerful equipment, and make numbers go up.

Or relax in your portal, tending to your crops and livestock, and improving your crafting skills.

No sign-up required! The brief interactive tutorial will teach you the basics in no time. So why not...

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Mobile Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

Other Ways To Play

Procedural Realms can also be played with a program called a MUD Client. Mudlet is a popular choice and is well supported. Just connect to proceduralrealms.com port 3000 or port 3100 for a secure connection using SSL.