Why students have to write APA format essay

Writing assignments are designed to let students show a variety of skills they should have in order to achieve academic success. When it comes to applying to a college or university, or if you want to get a grant, the ultimate goal of writing a paper is to show who you truly are, apart from your educational background. The ability to express your thoughts in a written form appropriately is on top of importance. However, sometimes students are extremely gifted and have a high level of knowledgeability, although because of the lack of writing skills they fail to show that to their professors or admission officers. We know that very well and we want to make it fair for everyone. For this reason, we created a professional writing service that helps students achieve their academic goals and unleash their educational potential. So if you face difficulties with accomplishing writing assignments, we offer you an amazing opportunity. We provide highly professional service for affordable price that will release you from writing struggle and make your college life less stressful and free from overwhelming assignments. All you have to do is to contact us whenever it is convenient to you and find out more about our service. Also, you can just make an order right away, clarify all the requirements and let us know about your expectations and then, just relax and let us take care of everything. We deal with a wide range of writing assignments, beginning with APA format essay, research papers, lab reports, creative writing and finishing with application letters.

How to get an outstanding essay written

Let us discuss more precisely the techniques of effective writing first of all. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of them and everybody can find the one that seems better to him. But in this article, we would like to highlight the most popular that are being used by students and professional writers far and wide across the world. These techniques are applicable to different kinds of writing, including APA format essay.

  • Find you own motivation and inspiration. There is a huge difference between an action and an inspired action. If you are inspired, you writing will flow easily and without much struggle. If not, every your word will sound awkward and the words themselves will not come easy to you. Whatever it takes, you have to look for your source of inspiration. It can be listening to your favorite music, having a conversation with interesting people, watching a movie, taking a walk and so on.
  • Don't be aimed at high grades. It sounds controversial, but the thing is, if you will think about your grades only, you will be blocking your inspiration and it is going to be hard to just focus on the assignment. Instead, you will keep thinking whether your professor is going to like it or not. The real way to make him like you is to be yourself. So let your worries go and simply concentrate on the task, without distracting on how your writing will be perceived by others.
  • Show the conflict. In every essay, no matter what the topic is, there has to be a conflict. A conflict makes your writing alive and interesting, it intrigues the reader and makes him want to read your paper to the end. Any clearly stated problem can be a conflict, you just need to find controversial issues in it and put an emphasis on the controversy.
  • Resolve the conflict. Obviously, there have to be no unanswered questions in your essay. So once you announced a conflict or a problem, you have to provide a proper solution. This is a kind of interaction that turns a monologue into a productive dialogue and involve your potential reader into the conversation, even though not in a usual manner.
  • Details are important. In fact, details allow to show, not only tell. And this is exactly what makes an essay effective and strong. So think of interesting details, examples, colorful description that you can include in your paper.

These are techniques that are used not only by students, but also by professional writers, whose experience shows how effective they really are.

How to deal with formatting an abstract for APA format essay

The abstract is an opening part of your paper that serves a specific purpose. First of all, it provides a summary of the main points of your essay without giving broad explanation or additional details. In case of APA writing style, it has its special requirements for formatting abstracts, which you have to get to know before getting to writing your paper. It is important if you want to make your essay effective and make a good impression on your professor or the admission officers. Let us take a look at the most essential of them:

  • There has to be a page header. It is also known as a running head and it has to be provided on the top corner of each page of your essay.
  • As for the font, the best way is to use a standard one. Don't use different fonts throughout your essay and instead, choose Times New Roman for all the sections, titles, etc.
  • All the text has to be double-spaced, including the first page, the references and so on.
  • When formatting your abstract, put the word “Abstract” in the upper part of the page. You should capitalize only the first letter, while the rest of them have to remain lower-case.
  • Right after the title, there has to be no extra spaces, except the double-space, which is used in the rest of the paper as well. Make sure to keep the word limit, which is no more than 250 words. And all of them should be provided in one paragraph.
  • List the key words you are going to use in your essay. These are the words that play a special role in your research and they have to be mentioned in the beginning according to the APA writing style requirements.

How to make your abstract impressive

Now that you know the common requirements for the formatting APA abstracts, we want you to take a look at some tips that will hopefully help you deal with writing an effective abstract.

  • Don't start with the abstract. Since it has to provide the summary of your entire paper, you will not be able to summarize something that you haven't written yet. You will have to include there all the key points and your main ideas, which may be changed in the process of writing. For this reason, proceed to writing the abstract only after the rest of your essay is already done.
  • Figure out what type of abstract you are actually dealing with. There are two types of them: a descriptive and an informational. Eventually, the first one serves to describe the very process of your research, including its methods and the purpose. And the second one is designed to provide the information primarily about the outcome of the research, while holding back the very process, including methods etc.
  • Analyze your paper. Ask yourself what was the purpose of your study, why did you choose that or another topic, what newness your research can bring to this particular area of studies and so on.
  • Provide only those details that are already discussed in your paper. The information in your abstract and the essay itself has to be aligned and serve the same purpose. So there has to be anything that is no further discussed or explained.
  • Make it stand on its own. In other words, it has to sound independently so it can be used as a preview of your essay in case of need. It has to be a complete piece of writing that reveals the sense of the essay, while can be also read without it.
  • Don't judge or evaluate your findings by saying whether you find them good or bad. Your task is to announce them to the public and say what kind of use they are capable of bringing to the specific area of studies. In other words, this has to be report rather than critical analysis.

More tips on writing the abstract

Check out more tips for writing a strong abstract:

  • Don't ever use the first person, because this is an academic writing style that is different from creative writing and other papers allowing to write freely. Instead of using “I” you can use such words as “the author”, “the researcher” etc.
  • Don't use abbreviations in the abstract. Although they may be used in the rest of your paper, the opening paragraph is not the best place to put them. Also, try to avoid using any kinds of symbols and trade names.
  • Be very specific and clear. Since you have only 250 words limit to include all the needed information, there is no space for unnecessary details or common statements. There have to be facts, first of all.
  • Once your abstract is finished, read it together with the rest of your essay to make sure that they match each other and are logically connected. Although it has to stand alone, it is still a kind of introduction, which is an inseparable part of the whole writing.

Please keep in mind that if you need any additional help with writing your APA format essay, don't hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with professional assistance right away.

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